This video is made for the ENTERTAINMENT purpose only. A new singer has showed up in a market who is more TALENTED than even DEVI Dhinchank CHOOJA JI. This singer has written and directed such a way that I m really amazed that what he must had thought for the lyrics and what guts he needed to directed it ? HAHAHAHA . its damn funny thing that I cant find any reason to write such a song, how the lyrics were created that’s just out of mind even though I thought OUT OF THE BOX … I was not able to get it. There are lot more funny things in the video, U need not to worry for all these questions as there will be no answers u will be getting at the end. Just watch the video and the way I have tried to make it funny. Recommend me in the comments that shall I keep making such videos ? and yes, if you find it funny, For more fun and excitement, SUBSCRIBE my channel and do like and share my every video with your Friends, family members , etc. Keep supporting and keep watching my videos, STAY COOL, STAY MOTIVATED, KEEP WATCHING SHANA BANDA, Lets meet again in our next video. YOLO SHANI PUBLIC !

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