What is a Satellite?

A satellite is a man-made object that is launched into space and placed in orbit around a planet, moon, or other celestial body. Satellites are used for a variety of purposes, including communication, navigation, scientific research, and military surveillance.

Satellites work by constantly orbiting around the planet or body they are placed in orbit around, while maintaining a specific altitude and speed. This allows them to remain in a stable orbit and perform their intended function.

Communication satellites are used to transmit signals, such as television or telephone signals, across long distances. Navigation satellites are used to provide accurate location data for navigation purposes, such as GPS. Scientific research satellites are used to study the Earth, other planets, and deep space, and to gather information about weather patterns, climate change, and other phenomena. Military satellites are used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes.

Satellites can be classified into different types based on their orbit, altitude, and function. Examples include geostationary satellites, which remain in a fixed position above the Earth’s equator, and low Earth orbit satellites, which orbit closer to the Earth and are used for tasks such as mapping, weather monitoring, and scientific research.

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