What is Fax Machine? How does it work?

Short for copy machine, a gadget that can send or get pictures and content over a phone line. Fax machines work by digitizing a picture – separating it into a matrix of spots. Each spot is either on or off, contingent upon whether it is dark or white. Electronically, each spot is spoken to by a piece that has an estimation of either 0 (off) or 1 (on). Right now, fax machine makes an interpretation of an image into a progression of zeros and ones (called a piece map) that can be transmitted like standard PC information. On the getting side, a fax machine peruses the approaching information, deciphers the zeros and ones go into dabs, and reprints the image.
A fax machine comprises of an optical scanner for digitizing pictures on paper, a printer for printing approaching fax messages, and a phone for making the association. The optical scanner by and large doesn’t offer a similar nature of goals as remain solitary scanners. A few printers on fax machines are warm, which implies they require a unique sort of paper.
A portion of the highlights that separate one fax machine from another incorporate the accompanying:
Speed, Paper Size, Printer Type, Paper shaper, Paper Feed, Auto Dialing.
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