Hey guys, this video is made only for the fun purpose and to entertain only please don’t spread any type of hate if you didn’t liked/loved it. Just ignore it. Any other meaning if understood/used against the video is totally wrongly framed on it. CHalliyeeee shuru karte hai …. HAHA … So in this video, I’m going to show the fun on how the BAN of STIK-STOK has shooked the people, its users and also the other 59 apps are banned with it but since it’s a controversial topic from the beginning and it has been banned ago too… It seems funnier that why its users are too shocked by it ? So for more detail Well, it doesn’t have any proper content and it had lots of cringe in it too. There were many good users of this app tooo who took this app to the next level but were not supported by people so very few people know them. They are the real talented people who can find easier to settle down on any platform. Bas public so aaj k liye itna hee. Lets meet in our new and ORIGINAL content Video. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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